How TCS Helped Me-A Student Reflection

Below you will find a reflection by one of our students. It illustrates why programs like ours are needed and why we do this work. Please consider supporting TCS so we can keep supporting individuals and their families!

**********************************************************************************************************I have gone to TCS for five years. Whenever I’ve had a silly or hard time, all the staff has been there to help me. When I talk to the staff when I’m upset, they help me work through it. I feel very safe here, even if I’m upset.
Part of my school program is to do Floortime and some school classes. I love Lit class because I like to become a better reader and understand more words. I like doing voices and acting out the stories. My two friends are in that class. I really like hanging out with them.

Life was very hard before I came to TCS. I had gone to other schools, and I couldn’t do a lot of the classes. I got my engine very high. When it got high, I would have a very bad day. I would yell, cry, and scream. Life is better because Mom found the right school for me. There are very nice teachers and students. They are very patient and don’t hurt the students’ feelings.

I love it here! I can’t wait to come back next year for my sixth year!!

~17 yr old student

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