My New Role

A big part of my new role as transition counselor is to help participants in the Young Adult program acquire internships. Internships are hugely important in contributing to the growth, independence, and maturity of our participants. For many of them, internships are the first time they experience what it is like to be working at a job. It expands their sense of community, provides a sense of accomplishment and ownership, builds self esteem and confidence, and provides them with numerous opportunities to gain new social and job skills. I have already begun to secure locations that can serve as TCS internship sites. These will help our guys gain experience and add to their resumes, while helping to improve their community.

I have also had the priviledge of visiting one of the sites with the student that interns there. It was such a pleasure to see how confident, competent, and regulated this student was as he showed me around. He is so full of pride for the work that he is doing, which illustrates the importance of this aspect of the program. I am looking forward to getting most of the young adults matched with internships in the coming weeks. I hope they too can have a positive experience, putting themselves out there in a supported environment and experiencing first hand how much pride can come with a job well done.

If anyone knows of any companies that could use volunteers, please contact me so i can explore more options and variety!


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