Three Peaks, One Cause Fundraiser

The Community School’s founder and Executive Director, Dave Nelson, is climbing three of the highest peaks in New England today and tomorrow (June 27th and 28th) – and he needs your help to get him to the summits! In addition to Dave, the group he’s climbing with includes TCS friends Andrew, Clark, Leigh, and Mark Schneider and David Nelson. They have generously decided to raise money for The Community School.

For the adolescents and young adults who attend The Community School (TCS), finding success in life is not unlike climbing a mountain. TCS was created to support these individuals in navigating the challenges and struggles to find happiness and meaning in life. This group climb for Three Peaks, One Cause up these New England peaks symbolizes the journey of the TCS participants.

“At TCS, we challenge our participants to ‘climb the peak’ and we provide the support they need to get there.”

“I grew up climbing these mountains, and they’ve always had significance for me,” says Dave. “Each time I summit a peak, I experience a strong sense of achievement, as well as a connection to the people I am with and to the larger world around me. I want our students and young adults to be able to experience these same feelings in their lives. At TCS, we challenge our participants to ‘climb the peak’ and we provide the support they need to get there.”

The goal is to climb Mount Katahdin in Maine, Mount Washington in New Hampshire, and Mount Mansfield in Vermont – for a total elevation gain of about 11,000 feet – in 36 hours!

Please join us in celebrating the journey of TCS’s participants by making a pledge to our Three Peaks, One Cause initiative. As Dave and the group summit each peak, you will be helping to support the work of The Community School, and helping our participants successfully climb their own mountains.

If you pledge…

  • half a cent per foot of elevation gain, you’ll end up donating $55 (if they make it!)
  • 1 cent per foot, $110
  • 2 cents per foot, $220
  • Etc.

The pledge form can be found here. If you’d prefer, you may also make a straight out donation in support of Three Peaks, One Cause. The event will take place on Friday to Saturday, June 27th – 28th. We will post pictures and thoughts from the hikers to track their progress as they climb – on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ll be using the hashtag #3peaks1cause on all platforms, so you’ll know where to find us! Thank You!

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