This is the 10th year of existence for The Community School, and if we had an organizational theme for the year, it would certainly be gratitude.  We are grateful to be able to do the work we do, to support the families we care about so deeply, and to the broader supportive community in which we exist.

At the beginning of this year though, I am most grateful for the amazing team of professionals that comprise our TCS staff.  We are a passionate, committed team, no doubt.  We have creative, progressive thinkers who push forward new ideas.  We have caring, compassionate givers who make TCS a place of warmth, safety, and comfort for all who are here.  Mostly though, we are a group of people who love doing what we do and love doing it with each other. We rally behind each other when a family member dies, when babies are born, when the work becomes overwhelming, when we just want to share ‘the best day ever’.  We are there, not only for the families we serve, but for each other.  That is community. And for that I am grateful.

– Beth Champ

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