Geocaching Challenge Update

The Community School’s Geocaching Challenge is over! Thanks very much to the Parent Development Committee (Mike Fields, Cory Gatliff, and Melissa Cazalet) for organizing this fundraiser. And THANK YOU to all our Team Captains, Teams, Donors, Sponsors, and other supporters who made the Challenge a great success!

The 8 teams found a total of 69 geocaches and raised more than $1,900! And the winners are…

Cache Rules Everything Around Me, for most geocaches found.

3 Mouseketeers, for most money raised.


Thank you very much to the Geocaching Challenge’s Donors and Sponsors:

Anonymous (3)
Elizabeth Branan
Steve Cazalet
Anthony Collins
Jack Deal
Sharon Deleveaux
Kenneth Dowd
Nancy Eicholtz
Chrys and Mike Fields
Larry and Margie Fields
David Fields and Alisa Waschak
Nathan Freeman
Dawn Ganes
Reggie Gardner
Mary Gatliff
Kim Gatliff
Elizabeth Geiger
Tara Gilbert
Bridget Grady
Melissa Greene
Alvin Ham
Sarah Hersh
Paula Hock
Brian and Anne Jahn
Karen Jeffords
Kangas Family
Donna Kegebein
Deborah Kess
Nancy Kluisza
Phyllis Krasner
Johnny Lawrence
Bobby and Mary Lawrence
Brenda Lester
Tony and Mia Marques
Robert and Wendy Montgomery
Jarrod Moody
Dave Nelson
LaShawn Payne
Duane Smith
Patti Solomon
Tommy Stone
Patricia Sullivan
Lendale Swilley
Melda and Dan Ueland






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