Online Fundraiser Extravaganza in Honor of TCS’s 10 Year Anniversary!

The fundraiser is now live!

The Community School has a thrilling 48 hours coming up beginning at 12pm on Monday, May 11th. We are planning our second annual Online Fundraiser Extravaganza! This year, our goal is to raise $23,000 to help keep our programs funded until the end of the year (and celebrate TCS’s 10 year anniversary). With your help, we can reach that goal!

The TCS Board and one parent have made extremely generous matching gift pledges, so that in order to meet that goal of $23,000, we only need $8,000 of donations from you (in 48 hours)Every dollar that you contribute during the campaign will be matched (until we meet our goal)! Depending on when you donate, your gift will be DOUBLED, TRIPLED, or even QUADRUPLED, for an amazing impact on TCS! And, as an added bonus, another generous donor has offered to contribute an additional $500 to TCS if we meet our goal – but again – only if we meet the goal in 48 hours!

The Community School is changing lives, one student or young adult at a time. You can be a part of changing someone’s life by contributing to TCS today.

If you’d like to learn more about how your donations will be matched or what they can pay for, details may be found here.

No matter when you donate, your dollars will count more – but to have the biggest impact, donate early! But remember, we need $8,000 in contributions from you in just 2 days, or 48 hours (starting at 12pm on Monday, May 11th and ending at 12pm on Wednesday, May 13th). The matching donors will only contribute the full pledged amount if we reach our goal in time. That $8,000 will then turn into $23,500 – but only if we reach the goal by May 13th at noon!

This means we need your help. We rely on your donations to stay open and pay our hardworking staff so they can provide services to our students and young adults. Not only do we need you to donate so we reach the goal, but we also need you to spread the word – join and share the Facebook event, tweet about the campaign, or share this blog post by email, on Facebook, or on Twitter – however you’d prefer. The challenge is now live and you can contribute here!

Our students and young adults need your help – and they need your help now, because the program year is almost over. Plus, if you donate during this campaign, your gift will have at least twice and up to four times the impact.

We are also offering an added bonus this year from the kitchen of TCS’s Executive Director: one lucky donor will win a homemade vanilla pound cake, baked by Dave Nelson himself! All donors who make a donation of at least $5 during the 48 hours will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win.

If you’ve already contributed this year, thank you very much! We truly appreciate it. You can still help by spreading the word, or consider making another gift. And if you haven’t contributed yet, here’s your chance to make your gift count with an even bigger impact.

To make your gift today, click here. Remember, we only have 48 hours!


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