Year-End Reflection

As the year comes to a close, I have been reflecting on how quickly it has flown by! Some of my memories from this year include helping the young adults to overcome hurdles in their college careers, watching some of them become more independent and not needing me to remind them about every single assignment that is due, having lunch with the Candler group (one of the Young Adult groups) because they are ALWAYS so bubbly and happy, having the school students teach me amazing things they learn from their teachers that I didn’t know, and spending time with the staff here at TCS.

When we are doing the work, it is so challenging and I always wish we could do more. But then when I look back, I realize how much we have all accomplished and how much fun we had while we were doing it! Even as this year comes to a close, I’m starting to think about next year- the goals I have for some of the students, the new internship sites I want to reach out to to get our guys and girls some new work experiences, and things I want to improve upon and learn next year.

Thanks for a great year to all of the participants and the staff. I’ll be here most of the summer keeping the ball rolling but it won’t be the same without the entire community here!

– Kim Evans

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