Lullwater Park Excursion

Today we started out at Emory’s Hahn Woods to hike over to Lullwater Park.  Initially the group was a little wary of the slight rain, mist, and the change to colder weather.  However, the rain did not last long and as we walked the group warmed up.  The trail was muddy and there was a slippery creek bank that was more difficult that usual to cross.  

All of these adverse conditions made for great learning experiences!  The staff helped the participants cross the small creek which provided an Copy of Laurenexcellent opportunity to build trust and gave the participants a tangible goal to focus on in the moment. Once we were past the creek the trail became much easier and soon we arrived at Lullwater Park’s paved path just below the President of Emory’s house.  We took a very long water and snack break before moving onto play games.  

We discussed a handful of different games with the participants, and they were excited to share their suggestions.  After an engaging deliberation on what game to play,  the participants came to a consensus. They decided we should play “Buoys,” a recent TCS favorite. Buoys is a great game in which one person is blindfolded and assumes the role of a ship at night; everyone else picks a position to become a buoy and makes buoy noises to help the “ships” (the other participants) navigate the troubled waters ahead. The participants like this version of the game, but wanted more of a challenge. So they became more creative with it. They decided we should alter it slightly so the buoys could make more types of noises like owl hoots and ninja turtle shouts, such as “cowa-bunga!” Once everyone had a turn who wanted to be a “ship”, we packed up and hiked back to the van.   

Benjamin J. Davidow

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