Independence Outing to Oxford Comics

This semester our independence class is working on goal setting. Sarah Champ and I helped each participant to think about something they want to work on or improve in their lives, then helped them to set realistic goals.

The idea is to check in with them on their goals every Tuesday to help them make a plan for how they will accomplish their goal, set reminders and reflect on how they feel each timeimage02 they make it through another week having accomplished (or not accomplished) their goal. In addition, each participant has planned an outing for a Friday that can help them accomplish their goal. The goals our participants have created vary- some of them want to get outside and “unplug” more often, others want to work out more and become more social.

As a group we have talked about ways to get comfortable with talking to new people. Based on our discussions, finding something you have in common with the people you want to talk to can go a long way. So we decided for this outing that we would go to a place of interest for a particular participant so that they could talk to members of our group, as well as people at the outing site about some of the things they love most: comics and anime! 

We took the group to Oxford comics and spent about an hour looking through all of their offerings! If you think you might be interested in checking this store out, here is some more information. They had a TON of cool stuff and the employees were really nice! 

Kim Evans

Senior Transition Counselor


It was free comic book day so the group picked out some of their favorites!

2 Comments on “Independence Outing to Oxford Comics

  1. I love how much you are tailoring the program to meet the needs of your individual students. What a great outing.

  2. You all create the most extraordinary experiences with the students by simply ‘curating’, ‘attending’ and guiding. I see the growth you are facilitating in the students and young adults grow every time I see and interact with them. Thank you.

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