Delicious Shrimp Tacos!

The Candler cooking class has had a blast this year cooking up some very interesting snacks and healthy dishes. This past week, we ventured outside of our usual box and decided to get crazy with shrimp tacos. Taking our inspiration from Alton Brown and his television show Good Eats, the Candler group voted to make shrimp tacos with a cilantro marinade, corn tortillas and several healthy and delicious toppings.

image02The day of cooking there was a lot to prepare! The group worked diligently to set up the taco topping bar which included red cabbage, onion, avocados, cheese and lime wedges. We then marinated the shrimp and grilled them with the corn tortillas. Each person created their own version of the perfect taco and everyone was open to trying the shrimp filling. The group had such a fun time trying out new flavors in their tacos and we were all very impressed with what a healthy option our tacos were. It was a great success and there were no tacos to spare!

If you would like to try making this fantastic dish on your own you can find the original recipe here! 

Bon Appetit,

Sara Morgan


One Comment on “Delicious Shrimp Tacos!

  1. This looks delicious! We will try the recipe. I am proud of you Candler group for trying some interesting health alternatives.

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