A Look Inside the TCS Thursday Hike Program

With the dog days of summer upon us and our semester in full swing, we would like to take time to highlight our Thursday hike program. Part of our philosophy at TCS is to maintain a healthy active lifestyle through nutrition and physical exercise. This is the main point of our Thursday outing, to engage in shared physical activity in a variety of settings and contexts. We find ourselves hiking through the woods one week and the next week admiring the art along the BeltLine. Thursdays offer a variety of experiences for participants and the opportunity for new experiences. These hikes serve as a way for participants to connect with one another and staff outside of a classroom setting. They fulfill our bodies’ need for exercise and promote regulation during times of uncertainty and potentially excessive input.
During our planning week the staff, as a whole, simulated the Thursday experience by recreating a hike much like the ones participants experience on a weekly basis. This recreation allowed us to add a higher level of intentionality to the hikes and challenge the participants in a manner that promotes growth. The staff had a blast on our group hike as we engaged in a mix of light-hearted discussion questions as well as silly games. This hike truly brought the staff together, if only for the moment, but for that moment we were more than the sum of the parts, we were a community.
Hiking at Han Woods/ Lullwater Park
Suspension Bridge at Lullwater Park

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