Internship at Fernbank

Our participants have been enjoying a unique opportunity at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Fernbank has a wealth of interesting activities that include work and play for our participants. Our internship team has partnered with Fernbank this year to foster on-site job training including ticketing, cleaning and teaching!

professor-conte-jasThe participants have been gaining experience learning how to use the Fernbank educational modules. Each module, comes with a general lesson plan that includes facts about that particular module. The modules cover a wide variety of subjects from botany to modern day oceanography all the way to some of our participants favorite area of study, dinosaurs! Once the participant has learned the information in a module of their choosing they get to test out their skills by operating a Discovery Station where they can relay their new found knowledge to the general museum goers.
Of course when our participants need a break from their duties there are a ton of interactive and engaging areas of the museum to explore. The science center has always been an exciting place for our participants to learn and play with optical illusions and the like.

The museum has also given our participants a chance to build a relationship with their local community. They have gained an outlet in which they can practice valuable social skills within a safe and inviting environment. In some instances they can assume leadership roles and feel what its like to be a role model in education to others coming to enjoy similar interests offered at the museum.

Ben Davidow

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