Internship at Furkids

Internship takes on many forms for our participants. This semester some of our participants have been involved in going to Furkids for their internship. Furkids is Atlanta’s largest no kill animal shelter for dogs and cats. They have many different locations, and love taking on new volunteers. Recently we have been frequenting their Doraville cat adoption center to help socialize cats and kittens that have been rescued.

IMG_6696The participants are incredibly gentle with these rescues, some of which have been badly abused, found malnourished, and/or are recovering from illness. ¬†Our participants play with the rescues and help them to build trust with their human partners. It’s not always easy as some of the rescues are standoffish and still quite afraid. However our participants persevere and exhibit qualities of kindness and calmness that are priceless in providing a better quality of life for the rescues.

TCS is excited to foster this relationship with Furkids and we are proud of our participants for lending a helping hand. Please enjoy the pictures we have included and check our social media pages to see regular updates of our participants interacting with their furry friends at Furkids.

Benjamin J. Davidow

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