A Journey to the Center of MARTA, Five Points, and Underground Atlanta!

The TCS Summer Program is in full swing! We just finished our first week and it could not have gone any better. We welcomed new faces, made introductions and got to jump right into a wide variety of fun and educational activities.

Recently we took one of our independence classes down to Five Points to work firsthand on developing the skills necessary to navigate public transportation. We rode MARTA to and IMG_9121from Five Points. In order to do this, we supported our participants in all of the steps (literally and figuratively) that they would need to take to make the trip successful. This included managing money for MARTA cards and personal expenses, creating a route to and from the station, and navigating the public transit system safely.

As a group, we successfully made it to Five Points and back to TCS! While we were down there we even got to explore how Underground Atlanta is shaping up these days.  We interacted with several shop owners and a few of the participants who brought extra IMG_9124money ended up buying a few things for themselves. The staff helped our participants initiate conversations with the owners and supported the participants in those conversations and transactions to create socially positive experiences. In addition to these skills, we worked on our map and sign reading abilities which are essential to getting around in a large, populated city.

Once we returned to TCS, we came together as a group to reflect on our experiences for the day. Everyone ended up rating the day an 8 out of 10 for overall enjoyment. In discussion we found that a few of us found the day slightly difficult but not unmanageable, citing the southern heat as a mild discomfort of travel. We also brainstormed ideas with enthusiasm for our next journey into the community.

Ben Davidow

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