Internship at the Alliance Theatre

This past year as part of our Community Work Program our participants were given the unique opportunity to hone their work, social and community skills at an internship with the Alliance Theatre. Olivia Bosworth, the Alliance’s Family Programs Manager, helped work with our transition team to broaden our relationship with the Alliance for the second year in a row! It’s tough to say, but every visit seems better than the last.

Bosworth has set up activities and work opportunities for our participants ranging from a wide list of experiences to suit a variety of our participants needs.  She has set up tons of private tours including tours of the set design warehouse located off campus from the IMG_8960Alliance Theatre, backstage set design, the clothing department, the black box theater where they practice for plays before they go to the mainstage, and many private rehearsal rooms where we have gotten to sit in on live rehearsals. Outside of these tours, the work has included helping the Alliance Theatre’s Education staff in their offices, constructing materials for their summer camps, cleaning, creating interactive experiences to be put on display for their children’s plays, acting expositions, videos, and the list goes on and on.

Our last day at the Alliance this past semester was certainly bittersweet. The participants were all very grateful for all the experiences they shared, but were sad to have to wait till next semester to go back. The Alliance staff has become a large part of our TCS family. We helped them with a few last tasks around the office and then we ended the day with a gift exchange. The participants all had a hand in writing a thank you card to Bosworth and her staff in addition to rounding up some brand new TCS T-Shirts, water bottles, and a backpack. Alternately Bosworth and her staff had prepared some tasty treats and gifted all of us Alliance Theatre branded hard hats to symbolize the hard work we accomplished over the course of the year and the relationship that we are continuing to construct as we move into future years as partners with them.

Ben Davidow 

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