Cooking and Nutrition in Independence Class

Depending on the the participant’s stage in life, independence support at TCS may include college or other school program support, job/internship support, executive functioning support, interest/affinities development, and/or other aspects of independent living like money management, transportation and basic care.

Melissa- chicken tender assembly line in independenceRecently one of the independence classes has been focuses on nutrition and cooking. The group went with a hands-on approach deciding to make chicken tenders and fruit salad. They all worked together to make the chicken tenders, but as the class was getting started a couple of the participants realized they would prefer not to touch the raw chicken. So the group worked together to come up with a solution to accommodate their peers needs.  One participant suggested they use utensils, fantastic problem solving! The participants then formed an assembly-line. Each of them were in charge of their own dipping station Рflour, egg, or breadcrumbs. The group enjoyed the experience while working on communication and teamwork as piece of chicken made it through all three stations and into the oven.

Afterwards, the group assembled the fruit salad and led a discussion about the different vitamins in all four fruits in the salad. The group learned all the fruits contain vitamin C and beyond that each of the fruits has its own special value. For example – one apple gives you as much energy as a cup of coffee! By the end of class they had worked together to make a great meal and learned about all the nutritional values of everything in it.

Melissa Burton

P.S. Want to try making some friend chicken fingers at home? Here’s the recipe we used in class:

Recipe Picture

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