Playing for a Purpose

On Monday, September 18, the charity called Playing for a Purpose hosted a golf tournament at the Trophy Club of Atlanta. Each year, PFP puts on this tournament, naming an Atlanta area charity to be the recipient of the funds generated by this event. This year, TCS is the benefiting charity! 

Golf Blog PostI am so appreciative of the organizers of this tournament. Christopher Goodrich was a pleasure to work with, and Chris Wenning, the original organizer of this event 21 years ago, remains involved as well. Their generosity, combined with their willingness to trust the judgment of our board member Jay Sampson (who recommended us), makes for a wonderful combination.

I am also appreciative of our parents and board members who came out to play in the event, to volunteer to make it run smoothly, and to represent our organization. I am so proud of what we do and how we do it, and our commitment to excellence showed in our engagement in this event.

As much as I love golf, I will not make silly golf metaphors in this post. I simply want to say that there are so many aspects to providing high quality service to our participants and families. Events like this golf tournament do not make for high drama moments or emotional breakthroughs, but they are an essential part of what keeps the TCS engine running.

And for those of us who played in the event, we’ve got a leg up on our preparation for the upcoming Chili Cook-Off and Golf Tournament on November 5 at Smoke Rise Country Club!

Dave Nelson, Executive Administrative Director


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