Cooking Up a Storm

An exciting part of our Thursday outings includes taking the occasional trip to visit our friends at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (MJCCA). Our last visit to the MJCCA was no exception with one of our activities being cooking! Chef Howard led our group in making two menu items: pomegranate glazed rainbow carrots and a sweet treat called malibi, a middle eastern dessert, which is a more traditional treat often served after the fasting of Yom Kippur.

TCS and Transition members gathered around the prep counter to learn about the recipes we were making and they had a first-hand experience in prepping for them! Our group got their hands wet (literally!) deseeding pomegranates and had the chance to smell strongly flavored ingredients like Harissa sauce and Rose Water. After our recipes were created all the sous chefs were ready to try our creations. Despite some of our members being nervous to try the new dishes, everyone gave it a go and really liked them!  The coolest thing about this activity was getting a first-hand experience about how knowledgeable, open, and curious our participants are to create new recipes and learn about food. We have a lot of aspiring chefs in the making!

Sara Morgan

Sm_Getting to work!

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