A ‘Ph. D.’ in D&D

There are times in your life, where you feel like you were dealt a bad hand. That the cosmic dice that were rolled just did not have your interest in mind. Sometimes you feel like you are walking on air and that nothing can go wrong. In D&D, well that’s just life! And it is an amazing life to live! This past semester we started a D&D campaign with ​our participants and they are allowed to let their dreams soar into the heavens! Or be crushed beneath a dragon’s talons. All connected to the roll of a die. Within the first session alone participants created a dragon’s fire resistant sunscreen ointment (it did not go as planned), created mythril dentures, made a deal with a dragon (never do that by the way), and found that if you try hard enough you can literally eat anything.

58470While D&D can be a lot of fun (it should be, it’s a game after all). It also lends itself to stronger social interactions and navigating confrontations, with individuals who may have differing opinions from oneself. Players are given a sense of agency, while at the same time wrestling with the consequences of every action. The groups are having a blast with each passing session and are starting to show more growth with their characters. Now they just have to convince a 2,000 year old dragon that they would not make decent options for a flambe….


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