A Tradition of Hike Days!

Thursday hikes are one of the oldest traditions that TCS has maintained over our 11 year history. When I began at TCS as an intern, our hikes would be an all day affair that took us all over the metro atlanta area in search of adventure.

Over the years, we have changed the formula a bit. Now most of our hikes are closer into town. Instead of just hiking all day we have shifted the day to integrate new activities Copy of TH - Billy Goats Scruffthat help to connect our participants to the communities that they live in. Many of these activities provide opportunities to strengthen valuable life experience skills such as going out to lunch and navigating parking (and traffic) in town.

One thing about our hikes that has never changed is the way it connects the participants and the staff. Being outside together gives us all a chance to find things we have in common, talk about what is going on in the world outside of our TCS community, and learn new things about each other. I look forward to Thursday hikes every week because I know I will be challenged, but I also know that I will laugh and have a great time with whatever hiking group I am with.

Our hikes are a big contributor to the community we have created and I hope they live on forever in our TCS programming!

Kim Evans (Associate Director)

Copy of Ke_ indie rock

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