A letter from our Executive Administrative Director, Dave Nelson, on Graduation

It’s that time of year again, when our participants walk down the aisle wearing caps and gowns, celebrating their achievements. Congratulations to the TCS graduates.

Does that sound too matter of fact? Too much taking things for granted? It definitely does! For participants at TCS, graduation is not a regular course of action. We don’t have large parades of people sailing through high school and easily looking forward to a range of options in their future.

Our participants grind it out. They. Grind. It. Out. The participants that make it through this program do so because they develop a commitment to personal growth, and they work with us to formulate an achievable plan for that growth. Then they stick with it. Sometimes it takes a long time, and sometimes it takes a really long time. And we stick with them. We collaborate, and encourage, and push, and celebrate. We also support the struggle, the retrenchment, and the repair, and then go through it again.

A high school diploma is a fantastic achievement, and it is also just one step along the path of someone’s life. That diploma will be most useful when it is bundled with a full box of tools to help someone thrive. We at TCS know this, and our program is designed to help someone gather those tools with which to take on the world.

There’s no denying that a high school graduation is a special event, and one that deserves to be honored, cheered, and celebrated. We are excited for this year’s participants who are walking down that aisle, wearing what they choose to wear, hearing the music they’ve chosen, and designing their own ceremony and way of celebrating.

Dave Nelson

The Graduate - Ben (1)


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