Coming Back: The Difference a Year Makes

Walking into my first day of work at TCS came with an umbrella of emotions.  I would actually call it my 2nd, 1st day of work at TCS as I entered as a counseling intern last fall and am now back as a Paraprofessional.  

As I reflect on my experience from an intern to now and try to pinpoint what has drawn me back, it would have to be the innate desire to want to be a part of something bigger than myself or a job position. TCS is a place where you just want to be “in their club”, “on their team”. Not for status sake, but because you find purpose and meaning in the work being done there. It’s a place where you want to help in all capacities because the vision draws you in. It becomes less about neurological differences and challenges and more about getting in the deep end with people, working through the muck and coming out stronger together as a team. Being part of something larger than yourself is fulfilling, rewarding, humbling, scary, exciting, full of risks, full of disappointments and sometimes accompanied with grief; like I said, an umbrella of emotions.


I pursued my Masters in counseling a little bit later in my career as it took me awhile to get on board with that nagging piece drawing me to get in deep with other people’s hurts, messes, thoughts and feelings. I mean mine were enough to handle. How could I possibly get in deep with others? Working through emotions that don’t make sense, finding a voice for thoughts and feelings you don’t understand, seeing through another person’s lens when only yours makes sense and doing it alongside someone is simply terrifying, but worth the process and the scare.  This is the gratifying piece that makes me want to show up.

If you told me at the beginning of the process that I would be here now, I would have laughed at you. I had tunnel vision to work with kids under age 9; that was my niche and my soul pursuit. TCS was the place I wasn’t necessarily looking for in the beginning but I am grateful it has become part of my journey.

Melissa Davis

Mel D Square


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