The Finding Thing – An Evolving Tale

What is “The Finding Thing” you may ask? It is just that! An object hidden around TCS by TCS staff and participants for others to find. Once the object is found by a seeker, the seeker must then hide the thing in a new spot. Often when people find it they also like to take selfies as proof of their find. When the thing is hidden in a new spot, the seeker then comes up with a poetic riddle which is communicated to our staff via email to clue everyone in on where the next hiding spot is. Afterwards, it is up to time to tell who will be the next victor in finding “the finding thing”!

Created by our very own Jimmy Holt, The Finding Thing is meant to spread cheer, excitement, and mystique to the everyday happenings around TCS. It is an engaging game that everyone can take part in at their leisure. Staff and participants can find it together as part of a session, or staff can go looking for it during unscheduled time between classes.

An activity like “The Finding Thing” is helpful in building stronger peer-to-peer, staff-to-peer, and staff-to-staff relationships. While the nature of our work can be serious, serious work can often be accomplished throughJA therapeutic play. Research has shown that the importance of play for people of all ages is instrumental for healthy development, as well as for leading happier and more meaningful lives. In recent years, both NPR and CNN, among others, have written some in-depth articles on the subject.

Play establishes valuable connections between people, whether it’s playing charades, a game of toss, or corporate-style team-building exercises. The exchange of ideas, negotiation, and the attentiveness to others that is required to interact when involved in what may seem like an ordinary recreational activity is actually a prime context for exploring complex social interactions. These interactions provide a multitude of experiences to practice social skills in a safe and fun environment.

At TCS it is important to us to create a work environment that illuminates the best qualities of our staff culture, as well as our vibrant, innovative teaching styles. We are always seeking to improve how we connect with, support, and teach our participants and each other. 

 – Ben Davidow

You may or may not know our space, but do you enjoy a good riddle? Here’s a few from our staff:

~What’s this now?! Lo and behold
A tale’s to be told
With the intention of clear your fatigue mold.IMG_2234
Another riddle another story
Be the first to solve it and claim the Glory.

A Hiding Shelf?! Like a second-rate Elf?!
Please, That is not the opinion I hold of myself.

So, far I went In search Wood
And ended up in different Hood.

But YA and School Side found “piece in the streets.”
Therefore my forest perch will keep the beats,
Safe in their new space behind a wall of books
Against a flood of knowledge and nosey looks.

Beware the ruse in the lines above
Remember the Hermit Crab?
Look North to give some art some love.
And the Finding Thing you’ll grab!~

image1~Dearest Jimmy, I have bad news.
The finding thing has got the blues.
Hiding there all by itself,
It longed to be free of it’s hiding shelf.~~

I helped it to have a better view.
To see the world with eyes anew.
With creek flowing, trees a-swaying
Plants growing and children playing.

It’s still out there, for all to seek
For those who are bold and rarely meek
For Jimmy, though, the rules are the same
Question is, can you play your own game?~

~The hiding thing’s in a new locale,
Thanks to AM and CD! My two pals
Have moved it now to a place anew,
But don’t lament for they gave a clue:

“Look carefully, it went to another land –
Back in time and but close at hand.
Where T Rex hunt and Styracosaurs munch,
You’ll find it if you have a hunch!
Beyond the room of fitness and game,
The finder must use their gigantic brain!”~

~Well, Well, Well, I find myself in a different space
It’s cold and damp in my hiding place
It’s been so polarizing at both ends of the spectrum
This spot will work to average and correct’um

Tiny squares and your shoes I see.
Running water? Who is above me?
Can’t find me? Don’t get in a tizzy
Think Lucile 2 when she gets dizzy.~


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