Wylde Photos!

TCS has kept a longstanding relationship with The Wylde Center where we enjoy a fruitful internship program that they host mostly within their local community garden based in Oakhurst. As an intern partner, we have had the pleasure of accompanying our participants on a supported journey into the world of gardening. Whether we are there helping to re-purpose soil, readying flower beds, feeding the chickens or simply enjoying their beautiful outdoor space, our participants and community are eager to contribute and give back.

In the upcoming Spring Semester our internship classes will contribute to a number of activities around the garden. A lot of the work is hands on, making it a fantastic experiential education grounds where our participants can work on key developmental skills such as executive functioning and social problem solving while working with a variety of support when initiating, sequencing and completing assigned tasks.

We hope you enjoy the following pictures and get a sense of what it’s like to be there from our perspective.

Ben Davidow

Ben - Recipe for Real ReciprocityBen - The RoosterBen - Sifting through the sands of compostBen - The Watering Man CanBen - Wylde FlowersBen - Bench HangsBen - Too Loved To Be ScaredBen - Cherry Tomatoes

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