The Spice of Life – Cooking 101

As part of our indepence program, practical living skills are a top priority. We often focus on home life skills, health and wellness. As such we offer a variety of classes that instruct beginner to advanced cooks.

Springtime Salsa

Most recently a group of our participants were working on a spicy challenge. They decided to explore making different types of salsa, the perfect accompaniment to Spring’s arrival! A lot of planning was involved in researching salsa recipes, negotiating and compromising on a recipe to try, budgeting the cost of the ingredients and shopping while practicing applicable social exchanges in the local community grocery.

Ben - Chopping Techniques

Kitchen Safety and Knife Techniques

The group was eager to get started and had to figure out all of the kitchen equipment that would be necessary to accomplish the recipe. Some members were tasked with washing vegetables while others chopped and blended. The chopping portion gave us a great opportunity to talk about kitchen and knife safety. We explained knife techniques for removing the skin on garlic and mincing it, finely chopping onion, rough chopping cilantro, slicing lime wedges and a practical way to deseed jalapeño peppers. We also touched on the types of dry spices that were needed for the salsa and briefly discussed their use. Because the tomatoes were not in season and it can be tough to find a sweet, juicy one this time of year, the group opted for canned tomatoes which make for a medium consistency salsa.

Ben - CD's Instagram Ready Garnish

A Job Well Done

Upon finishing the recipe one of the group members initiated adding a cilantro garnish for a finishing touch, making it a truly Instagram ready display! The group was very pleased with their results and offered valuable feedback about what they could change  to enhance the flavors the next time they try this recipe.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and that you try this quick and easy recipe courtesy of the Veggie Society!

Benjamin J. Davidow, Marketing Manager

Ben - The Usual Cut Up.jpg

Ben Lime of the SeasonBen - Salsa Itis





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