The TCS Victory Manual

Life is all about encountering new experiences, new people, and new environments. Some of these we’re prepared for, but we usually need some help along the way. Many of the people we serve are having new experiences every single day. And while I could tell you all about how TCS helps the people we serve face new challenges, I’ll let them tell you in their own words what makes TCS special.

What is your favorite thing about TCS?

“The staff because they are friendly.”

“I like hanging out with my peers at TCS.”

“TCS helps me to get stronger, confident, independent, and achieve my goals.”

image2“When we go on hikes on Thursdays. I like the places we go to and sometimes we go to lunch at a restaurant, which I like too.”

“Thursdays are the days I wait for. I feel more alive during a nice walk!”

“I like internships at the Wylde Center and New American Pathways.”

“Staff knows how to treat me whenever I get too silly or sad. They treat me with respect. I can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices.”

“I’m getting along with more students here. They are nice, friendly, and have fun.”

What kinds of activities do you do at TCS that make it different from other schools?

“Talking to the teachers about your past or favorite hobbies.”

“Going to restaurants sometimes with the class.”

“Hikes or nice visits all over Atlanta.”

“I get to build gingerbread houses every December. I get to do yoga in the lounge, library, or movement room. I get to take walks during fitness or yoga. I get to do Mentos experiments and dry ice bomb experiments.”

What advice would you give to new participants?

“Avoid distractions. Be present in the moment.”

“Eat breakfast before coming to TCS. It will help.”

“Think happy thoughts.”

“Bring a snack and lunch everyday even on days with a lunch outing.”

“Ask a staff for help when you need it. The staff love helping.”

“Never give up. It may seem impossible but TCS would never ask you to do something you can’t do.”

“If you’re having trouble, ask for help and you’ll get it.”

“You’ll have a good schedule to look forward to.”

“Expect to have a good time!”

Success looks and feels different for everyone. Our participants have successes, big and small, every single day, and we want to celebrate every, single one!  

Jasmine Camp, Project Manager



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