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Welcome Back!

The year has begun at The Community School.  We have some new faces, some new initiatives, and a whole new set of challenges (mixed in with some of the old ones).  It is thrilling to have students and young adult…

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Swatting Balls

I always tell people that this time of year is a hectic period at school—working on admissions, planning for the summer and fall, preparing end-of-year reports, budgeting for the next year—the list is endless. I am reminded by these same people…

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We’re all Human

I met a teenager recently who came to me with some problems she is having at her school.  The mother sat in on our conversation. Afterwards, the mother emailed me and commented on how I spoke to her daughter as…

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What Does It Mean to Fit In?

What does it mean to “fit in”?  What does it mean to be a part of a community?  How can we tell when there’s enough common ground between an individual and the rest of a group for an experience to…

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The Importance of Relationships

I just finished reading a book called Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City, suggested by our own Ryan Hackett.  The book describes the challenges of growing up in impoverished inner city neighborhoods,…

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Thinking About Anxiety

This is my first blog.  I’ve read blogs.  I’ve even made comments about blog entries.  This “interactivity,” according to Wikipedia, is a distinguishing feature of a blog.  I suppose a blog writer could assess the success of his own writing…

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