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The Best Present

Our daughter, Christine, aged out of Decatur High School in May 2013. As the transition time approached we searched the metro area for programs that would bridge the worlds of school and adult life. We found a number of programs…

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When my son was first diagnosed with autism, my wife and I were told, “He’s autistic. He’ll have life long limitations.” I thought, “Well, I’ll never dunk a basketball but I’m okay with that. What kind of limitations?” And there…

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It’s a Process

The following is an excerpt from a series of essays by a TCS parent. Several years before The Community School (TCS) was established, I had the good fortune to meet Dave Nelson, the man who was destined to become [TCS’s]¬†founder….

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Geocaching Challenge Update

The Community School’s Geocaching Challenge is over! Thanks very much to the Parent Development Committee (Mike Fields, Cory Gatliff, and Melissa Cazalet) for organizing this fundraiser. And THANK YOU to all our Team Captains, Teams, Donors, Sponsors, and other supporters…

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Geocaching Challenge!

The Community School’s Parent Development Committee is pleased to announce a monstrously fun treat – the Geocaching Challenge! The Geocaching Challenge is an¬†opportunity for you to have some fun in your community and raise some money for TCS’s School and…

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The Community School’s Powerful, Life-Affirming Impact on my Family’s Life

The following is adapted from a speech given by TCS parent Judy Martin at TCS’s annual fundraising event, the Southern Soiree & Auction, in February 2014. Tonight I have the pleasure and immense joy to share the story of The…

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