2016 Online Fundraiser Extravaganza


We exceeded our goal and raised $14,612 in 48 hours, thanks to you

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Welcome to the home of the 2016 Online Fundraiser Extravaganza! There’s a lot of information here, so please use the following links to find what you’re looking for. Thank you very much for your generous contributions to help us reach our ambitious goal of $14,000 in 48 hours!

What is the Online Fundraiser Extravaganza?A

How do I donate?

Tell me about the matching funds.

How do I win a homemade pound cake?

What are the secret surprise bonuses?

Who has already donated?

What is the Online Fundraiser Extravaganza?

The Online Fundraiser Extravaganza is an exciting 48 hour fundraising campaign, currently in its third year. TCS has an ambitious goal this year of raising $10,000 (the highest ever!). Four generous matching donors have pledged an additional $4,300, which we will receive along the way as we “unlock” various fundraising milestones. If we have raised $10,000 by 12pm on Wednesday, May 4th, we will receive a total of $14,300 to benefit TCS’s programs for adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum!

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The campaign begins TODAY (May 2nd) at noon and runs through Wednesday, May 4th at noon. Thank you very much!Mabinty

Tell me about the matching funds.

Several anonymous donors and Alex Gross, MD have generously pledged a total of $4,300 in matching funds. The matching funds will be “unlocked” along the way as we reach various fundraising milestones:

  • When we make it to $5,000, we’ll unlock $1,000 in matching funds.
  • When we reach $8,000, we’ll unlock another $1,000 in matching funds.
  • And when we make it to our goal of $10,000 we’ll unlock the last $2,000, for a total of $4,000.
  • The remaining $300 will be used as surprise “bonuses” throughout the challenge. Keep checking back on this page and Facebook to find out what’s happening!


How do I win a homemade pound cake?

TCS’s Executive Director, Dave Nelson, will bake a delicious vanilla pound cake for two lucky donors! Everyone who donates at least $10 will be entered into a random drawing to win the first pound cake. The first 25 donors who donate at least $25 will be entered into a separate random drawing to win the second pound cake. Unfortunately, you can’t win both cakes – if you happen to be selected twice we will draw again.

But wait! There is a way to increase your chance of winning. If you join TCS’s Dogwood Society by making your donation* to the Online Fundraiser recurring (monthly) your name will be entered TWICE into the drawing for the pound cake. Those are much better odds! *Your donation must be at least $10 a month to qualify.

What are these secret surprise bonuses?V

A fourth donor has pledged an extra $300 for surprise bonuses throughout the 48 hour campaign. The bonuses might be anything: one lucky donor might have their gift doubled; we might receive an extra $100 if 30 people donate within a designated hour; or we might receive an extra $100 when we reach 50 or 100 donors. We will announce the surprise bonuses during the campaign on our website and Facebook page, so keep checking back!

Who has already donated?

A big THANK YOU to all of our generous donors and matching donors! Last updated: 5/4, 12:50 pm

Brenda and Andy Alexander
Fred Atkins
Zach Batson
Kelly and Chris Bohrer
Hope Brewer
Melissa Burton
Jasmine Camp
Kenneth Camp
Kevin Camp
Mary and Ron Caruso
Melissa and Steve Cazalet
Beth Champ
Sarah Champ
Ben Chapman
Ben Davidow
Theresa Dec
Dot Dorsey
Kim Evans
Margie and Larry Fields
Tara Gilbert
Joye Gilbert-Ross
Carol and Bill Hersh
Sarah Hersh and Jared Beckerman
Jimmy Holt
Leonard Johnson
Linda Judson and Jim Harrison
Callie Kaiser
Sally Lipsey
Michael and Cheryl Lomax
Matt McKenna and Kathy Franch
Sara Morgan
Ronnie and Frank Murphy
Dave Nelson
Katherine Nelson
Michael Nelson
Chris and Laura Newbury
Matthew Pendrick
Richard Perkins III
Rich Perano
Debi Preston
Tony Reed and Gregory Ohman
Bob Rosen
Lee Samuel
Tim and Beate Sass
Dean Schaub
Joseph Solomon
Patti Solomon
Stephanie Solomon
Ulli Sprick and Jan Levie
Mary Beth Stark
Lauren Strine
Marianne Varley
Mary-Ellen Vian
Susan Wald
Yvonne Young
Kathy Zickert

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