Hourly Services

Some participants may take advantage of specific services but choose not to enroll as full or part-time participants in our programs (e.g., hiking group only, individual coaching or counseling).  Some services are available on an hourly basis depending on need of the individual, appropriateness of fit, and availability of resources.  These services are billed on a monthly basis.  Services that are offered on an hourly, or non-contract basis, include:

  • Individual and group counseling, including play-based therapy
  • Educational tutoring
  • Individual independence support (job, college)
  • Hiking group
  • Saturday Social group

Hourly services can be a great way for families to get a better understanding of how we work and of the value that we can provide.

Please contact the TCS Office at 404-308-8548 or use this Contact Form to learn more.

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