School Program

The school program is designed for students in middle and high school (ages 12-18) who have had difficulty keeping pace in traditional academic settings, and who need more emphasis on social-emotional development, communication and relationship skills, and contextual experiential learning. The program is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

Our curriculum is tailored to each student’s processing abilities, learning style, and motivating interests. Much of the learning is experiential, and reflective activities (e.g., discussions, creative writing, journals) and other subjects areas (e.g., Social Studies, Science) are built around these experiences. A weekly outdoor component focuses on building teamwork, trust, communication and self-awareness.

The Community School offers three curriculum options and two diploma options: Developmental, Career/Technology and College Preparatory.

The Developmental curriculum is designed for students needing to establish, build, and maintain foundational skills in the following domains: functional emotional development, visual-spatial processing, language processing, decoding and reading comprehension, quantitative mathematical concepts and skills.

The Career/Technology and College Preparatory curriculum is designed for students who are academically ready to start earning credits towards either a Career/Technology Diploma or College Preparatory Diploma. In addition to the established course requirements, Career/Technology and College Preparatory Diploma students must complete 30 hours of supervised internships.

Please contact the TCS Office at 404-308-8548 or use this Contact Form to learn more.

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