Young Adult Program

The Young Adults in Transition Program is a flexible, individualized program that provides support to individuals who have completed, ya1nearly completed, or are no longer working on a high school degree.  Broad support categories include:

  • Social-emotional functioning
  • Academic & educational support, for skill strengthening and/or degree completion
  • Career exploration and coaching, including facilitated internships
  • General health and well-being, including physical fitness
  • Independent life skills, including relationships, money management, and transportation

The Young Adult Program currently comprises two groups, so that incoming participants can participate in a group that offers the best chance for relationships and shared learning. The Piedmont Group is a cluster of participants working on emotional regulation, building relationships, and independence skills. Many of the participants in this group attend college or have employment. For this group, the program runs from 9:30AM-1PM. The Candler Group is a cluster of participants who are also working on emotional regulation, building relationships, and independence skills, and who are trying to strengthen basic communication, problem-solving, and functional living skills. For this group, the program runs from 9:30AM-3PM. The basic components of the program are as follows, although each individual program is ultimately customized based on the profile and goals of the participant:

Community Forum

A group discussion, led by members of the Young Adult team, which meets three times a week.  This class is designed to improve communication skills, social cognition, and emotional regulation, in addition to strengthening participants’ fund of knowledge and supporting them in demystifying their own strengths and weaknesses.

Independence Support

Each participant will meet one or more times weekly with members of the Young Adult team to strengthen specific aspects of independence skills.  Depending on the individual, this may include college or other school program support, job/internship support, executive functioning support, interest/affinities development, and/or other aspects of independent living like money management, transportation and basic care.

Individual and Group Counseling

Each participant meets weekly with a licensed mental health professional, both in small groups and individually.  This provides emotional support, developmental growth, and individualized work on communication and relationship building.

 Physical Fitness

A combination of group and individualized activities occurring three times a week designed to improve general health and well-being.

 Affinities/Skills Groups

Each participant meets regularly with members of the Young Adult team in group activities to focus on interest development, life skills, communication skills, or social-emotional support.  Examples of group activity include a cooking class, lessons in public transportation, creative writing class, and/or a relationship skills group.

Hiking and Lunch Out

The program includes a weekly hike at one of many local wilderness areas, followed by a group lunch and discussion at a restaurant near the hiking spot.  This format provides opportunities for facilitated group discussion as well as decision-making, compromise and negotiation, all in the context of a physical, community-based activity.

Please contact the TCS Office at 404-308-8548 or use this Contact Form to learn more.

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