40 Hours to $4,000 Challenge!

The Fundraising Challenge is now closed.

Thanks to you, our fantastic donors and matching donors, we raised a total of $10,811! Thank you so much to everyone who donated and helped spread the word!

TCS accepts donations year-round, so you can still make a gift (though it won’t be matched through this challenge) even if you’re too late to participate in 40 Hours to $4,000. Thank you!

Click on the link below to make a donation using your Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover card. You will receive a thank you letter and receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Your donations up to $1,000 were quadrupled thanks to our three generous matching donors! And, another kind donor will match all gifts above $1,000 (at a lower rate)!

Learn more about how the challenge works.  We have now reached our initial goal of $1,000, which  means our three original matching donors will contribute an additional $1,000 each! A fourth anonymous donor has generously offered to match all donations (at a lower rate) above $1,000 as well! Let’s keep going and see how much we can raise by Wednesday, May 7th at noon!

The Community School is changing lives, one student or young adult at a time. You can be a part of changing someone’s life by contributing to TCS.

Please help us spread the word! Share the event on facebook and make sure to tell your friends you just donated, tweet about it, send an email – however you’d prefer.

A big THANK YOU to our generous matching donors: Alex Gross, MD, an Anonymous Board Member, and two Anonymous Donors.

And of course, THANK YOU to all of our generous donors! Last updated: 12:00pm.

Brenda Alexander
Dawn Arnold
Kimberly Banta
Kelly Bohrer
Kristine Bourque
Jean Brooks
Chrissy and Matt Bruso
Douglas Bryant
Mari Burke
Steve Busey
Mary Caruso
Melissa Cazalet
Beth Champ
Rebekah Champ
Sarah Champ
Ben Chapman
Catherine Conte
Leslie Cotton-Smith
Mary Cullen
Ben Davidow
Leah Denison
Alan Dobrin
J C Durham Jr
Kirk Elifson
Kim Evans
Margie Fields
Danielle Files
First Baptist Church of Decatur Pilgrims Class
Caroline Fohlin
Katherine Franch
Jen Galeas
Cory Gatliff
Lisa Gilbert
Tara Gilbert
Joye Gilbert-Ross
Nancy Gonce
Shyrel Greenhill
Anna Heilbrun
Virginia A Hepner
Carol and William Hersh
Sarah Hersh
Cheryl Hulbert
Michael Johnston
Raymond Lawhead
James McManus
Sara Morgan
Vernice Morisset
Lisa Morris
Anthony Morsella
Betty Micol
Eric Muniz
Dave Nelson
Spenser Norris
Julie Pennington-Russell
Debi Preston
Antoinette Reed
Jan Rivers
Sheryl Robertson
Bob Rosen
Joye Lynn Ross
Lee Samuel
Beate Sass
Scott and Randi Schnell
Lydia Sapp
Rebecca Shepard
Russell Smith
Deena Snipes and Molly Kent
Stephanie Solomon
Darrell Spence
Mary Beth Stark
Tyler Vaniman
Linda Whitehead
Phillip Wise Jr
Dianne Wood
Brandy Zimmer


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