The Community School


A Reflection from Dave Nelson upon his Recent Visit to the Rebecca School for the 2019 ICDL DIR Regional Conference

Written by our executive administrative director, Dave Nelson, this is a reflection on Nelson’s recent attendance of the Rebecca School for the 2019 ICDL DIR Regional Conference where Nelson was a featured guest speaker.

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The Growing Trend of D&D at TCS

Let our very own Jimmy Holt be your guide as you enter into the world of D&D, social problem-solving and relationship building.

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The Finding Thing – An Evolving Tale

This article explores “The Finding Thing,” a program wide game created by our very own Jimmy Holt!

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Autism and the Arts

This article shares a personal reflection from one of our staff members, Tim Harland, about autism and the arts.

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Cell Phone Hide-and-Seek!

The Community School’s Executive Director, Dave Nelson, narrates a firsthand experience showing the many educational and social-emotional benefits of cell phone hide-and-seek.

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